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Rick is a Jewelry Smith & Welder by trade and he has been coming up with some great Jewelry pieces & wrought iron ornamentals. These are some of the pieces Rick has done. All jewelry pieces are done in 10kt, 14kt gold or silver. Or you can supply your own broken gold or pieces that can be melted down to offset the cost. All pieces are hand craved from wax and poured. The wrought iron is all handmade. Custom orders are more than welcome! He likes to do different and challenging pieces. The jewelry pictures we have taken did not turn out as well as we would have liked, so we are having the pictures done professionally Check back soon for more pieces and better pictures! All breeds welcome. You can email for prices.


Doorway gates
Dane Head Pendant for necklace or pin
Gate for doorways
Dane Head Wreath
Dane Head Windchimes
Cavalier pendant made for the Excalibur kennel
Dane Head Candle Holder