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Mae came to live with us in June of 2003. We will be forever grateful to Jose & Chris for letting this girl become a part of our family! Not only have they both been great mentors, but they have become very good friends. Jose has been Great Dane Breeder of the year the past 2 years and one other time, and this past year he bred the Best In Futurity puppy. This alone speaks for the dedication he has for the betterment of this wonderful breed and why we feel so grateful that he and Chris would give us such a wonderful oppportunity to own and love a Great Dane bred by them.
Mae at 7 weeks old
Already knows what to do
The day we got Mae
Already bonding
Our Daughter Hunter & Mae on her 1st B-Day
Molly, Hunter, Mae & Rainey
Rainey & Mae
Mae at her best
Mae with her mom & two sisters
Silly Girls