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Lupine Great Danes

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About Us

My name is Anita Boland. Me and My husband, Rick, along with our Daughter, Hunter, are owned by our Three Great Danes, Rainey, Mae and Hunley, as well as an Aussie named Molly,and a Cocker Spaniel we call Spook.

We live in the Beautiful town of Summerville, right outside of Sunny Charleston, South Carolina. My husband is a welder by Trade and also dabbles as a Jewelry Smith. I work as an Office Assistant for a local Group of Doctors. Our daughter Hunter has just turned 11 and attends local Theatre Classes andThe Millie Lewis Modeling and Acting School. She wants to be an Actor, and I must say she is a Natural!

I guess you could say we are a very small Family Kennel. I have been hanging out by the AKC Conformation Show, Great Dane ring, since 1999. Over time I studied the standard, compared the different dogs that I saw in (and out!) of the ring to the AKC standard and I spent a long time learning the in's and out's and the do's and don'ts of the Professional Great Dane Exhibitor's world. When I decided I was really ready for my first "Show" Dane, I went to Dr. Jose Ribo, of Jerdan Great Danes. Jerdan's is a kennel that had been producing Quality dogs consistently, that I had been admiring from the beginning. Every time I would see one of his Danes in the ring, I could not take my eyes off it. I knew that a Foundation Bitch from this line would be my beginning. And WOW has it been a wonderful beginning! Mae is everything and more than we could ask for! She has taken us on the best journey ! At the tender age of 6 months and 1 day, we had her entered in her very first show. She won her class and was pulled up front to be considered for Reserve Winners Bitch. We were elated!! The very next weekend she TOOK the Reserve Winners Bitch. I knew right then that I had made the right decision! I will never come down from the thrill of her first points!! It is simply the most awesome feeling! She has since then completed her AKC Championship status, and we are VERY PROUD of her!! And pending her Health Clearances this Fall, We are excited to finally begin Lupine Great Danes.

Since the completion of Mae's Championship, we have also added a stunning Fawn male, Hunley, to our home. He is also of Jerdan's breeding. Look for updates about him and his budding Show Career on His new page!!

This site is always under construction, so check back often for Updates!!